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Real-time personalisation delivering incremental revenue

Take back control of your customer journey to deliver incentives and content which incrementally increases cart values, conversion rates, and new customer acquisition with real time personalisation.

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“Revlifter technology is the first partner to allow for true personalisation in the coupon space. This allows advertisers to be much more intelligent when it comes to targeting a customer’s demands low in the purchasing funnel.”

Austin Ratner – Affiliate Marketing Manager


Our AI-powered, multi-award-winning technology uses live basket data to incentivise customers on your terms.

First we take your goals and use these to create incentives that recognise each customer’s inherent value.

Our team then funnels your offers into a suite of intelligent, market-leading solutions that achieve online growth via 1:1 personalisation.

Every campaign is built around the precise results you want to achieve. We are easy to use, paid on performance and backed by technology that requires little-to-no integration.

Reducing cart abandonment and lifting revenue is just the start of it. We want to solve your biggest challenges.

How do you define uplift and success?

Less cart abandonment

More incremental sales

Better margins

More new customers

Improved loyalty and satisfaction

Discount-free promotions

Brand protection

Increased LTV

Any brand. Any vertical. Any objective.

From fashion to electronics, B2B to subscription, we’re helping brands from all industries to perform and compete in ways they never thought possible.

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Maximising the opportunities that pass through your site

A lack of targeting and personalisation leads to around 80% of your customers leaving their cart and never coming back.

Most of your customers already have an item in their cart when they leave in search of coupons.
They visit a voucher-code site which has no idea of who they are and the value they represent.
Bad experiences and irrelevant deals lead to your customers reconsidering their purchase or even purchasing with a competitor.

Intelligent solutions re-engage customers searching for deals and maximise their cart value.

When someone adds a product to their basket, we give them personalised offers according to your goals for upselling, cross selling, and converting new customers.
If the customer displays signs of abandonment, we show them messages that encourage them to stay.
If they do leave, we utilise PPC and SEO to bring them back to a bespoke dynamic landing page, hosted on your site. or by RevLifter.
The customer is engaged by incentives that are relevant to their basket and your marketing goals.

A results-driven toolset

Our technology gives you unparalleled control of the incentivisation process. We match your customers with offers that reflect their profile and behaviour, resulting in better engagement, sales and AOV.

Working with RevLifter requires little or no integration.


A dynamic deals page that uses AI and live basket data to convert your customers.

Key features

  • Displays offers designed to drive more revenue
  • Upsells by recommending higher margin products
  • Uses live customer data, with no work required from you
  • Features your unique branding
  • Optimised for paid media and SEO


Displays on-site messages to increase spend and prevent your best customers from leaving their basket.

Key features

  • Tackles basket abandonment through personalised incentives
  • Supports VIP offers for high-value customers
  • Increases AOV and margin when your customers are in the purchasing mindset
  • Offers deployed at key moments
  • Requires little-to-no integration


A loyalty-driving e-gift card solution that rewards customers based on your goals.

Key features

  • Creates and delivers rewards from your brand or thousands of partners
  • Unlocks powerful upselling opportunities
  • Enhances customer loyalty
  • Allows for controlled, on-brand and goal-based incentivisation

Trusted by Leaders

Moss Bross Logo

We’re just entering our second month live with RevLifter and performance is really coming on. They’re delivering us around 40% better conversion than we have had from other voucher sites and, more importantly, they are keeping their promise of increasing AOV. It’s currently around 50% over the affiliate programme average!

Gareth Powell - Affiliates and Partnerships Manager
Entertainment Magpie Limited

Using RevLifter’s technology, we have had great success in targeting customers in a sophisticated way, offering personalised promotions and codes that are specifically designed to basket stretch or cross-sell in real-time, and rewards for redeeming

Davina Rigley - Digital Marketing Manager of Acquisition

Implementing RevLifter, from initial idea generation to technical implementation, has been smooth. Mobile phone purchases are subject to complex user journeys that consider 1000s of variations of deals and offers. RevLifter has created a bespoke journey which drives better value for customers and better margins for the business. We’ve recorded a positive increase in time on site and conversion, while complimenting the end user’s experience.

Jay Karsandas - Digital Marketing Manager
Carphone Warehouse

Revlifter technology is the first partner to allow for true personalisation in the coupon space. This allows advertisers to be much more intelligent when it comes to targeting a customer’s demands low in the purchasing funnel.

Austin Ratner - Affiliate Marketing Manager

Easy onboarding process

1. Agree goals

You talk us through your unique goals

2. Capture data

Data is captured via a tag on your website

3. Agree timings & goals

We agree when to show incentives and to whom

4. Build and launch

Your campaigns get underway

5. Analyse & optimise

Full reporting allows for future optimisation

Great revenue uplift awaits. Interested? Get in touch now to find out how we can help.

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